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Our major strengths lie in our ability to provide quick and efficient products and services, enhanced security for cash handling for staff, flexible business hours and available special arrangements for extended banking hours for some customers on request.

  • Treasury Bills & Government Bonds Trading

    The Bank sells and buys Government securities on both the primary and secondary markets. The trading is done at competitive rates and this may be done on an outright or repurchase basis (REPO).  
  • Commercial Paper

    When available, Investrust Bank plc will trade in US-Dollar denominated commercial paper as and when customer needs dictate.  
  • Bankers Acceptances

    This is a product that caters for the needs of commercial borrowers and investors. Please note that the bank sells bills subject to availability. The minimum investment is K50,000 and the investment periods range from three to ninety days. Rates are dependent upon the tenor of investment and the size of the transaction.
  • Treasury Call Account

    This account operates in the same manner as a term deposit in the branch but has an added advantage of higher or negotiated interest rates. For amounts above K1 million the deposit may be secured with Government Securities. However, this may reduce the applicable rate on the deposit.  
  • Information & Advisory Services

    We also provide our customers with important information such as Central Bank regulations and policies, general market conditions as provided by the Bank of Zambia. At the customer’s request, we shall fax or e-mail our daily indicative foreign exchange rates and weekly indicative money market interest rates. Acting as an arranger and consultant, the Bank may also provide services in areas of corporate finance and fund raising for large ticket financial transactions.
  • Foreign Exchange

    The Bank buys and sells foreign currency at very competitive rates. For large transactions, the rates are negotiable directly with the Treasury Department. The department will within its ability quote very fine rates for substantial volumes traded. Kwacha settlement for foreign exchange deals may be done through the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system or by directly crediting customer’s account if they already hold an account with the Bank. Standard settlement time for such transactions is immediately after realisation of foreign currency funds. Products and Services (continued) The currencies we deal in are:

    US-Dollar (USD), Pounds (GBP), South African Rand (ZAR) and the Euro (EUR). The Bank does not levy any charges on these transactions unless the funds are being remitted out the country. For such transactions, the Bank shall recover the swift charge. We have a number of reputable correspondent banks through which we conduct foreign exchange business on behalf of customers.  Our correspondent International banks include the following:- Name of Bank            Country          Currency Citibank                     UK                 Pound Sterling/Euro Citibank                     USA               US Dollar Citibank                     South Africa    Rand/US$ ABSA                       South Africa      Rand/US$

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Date:    4th November 2016

Press Release

For Immediate Release


THIS SERVES to inform Investrust Bank Plc customers and the general public that contrary to the impression created by some sections of the media, particularly some online publications alleging that Investrust Bank Plc faces bankruptcy, the Bank is under no such threat. The Bank has a diverse portfolio of clients and maintains exposures to each sector of the economy within set limits.

The Bank is listed on the Lusaka Securities Exchange (LuSE) and its shareholders include pension funds, private corporations and individuals who number in excess of 600 as at 30th September 2016.

Customers may wish to know that the Bank recently concluded its human capital and operational restructuring aimed at leveraging its retail footprint of 27 branches, three agencies and over 450 agents connected via the recently launched Agency Banking model. Shareholders are committed to the Bank as evidenced by the K40 million raised this year through a Rights Issue. The Bank is making further efforts to raise additional capital before year-end to support its retail strategy from 2017 and beyond.

We wish to reaffirm to our customers that the Bank’s operations are under no threat. Being the only indigenous Bank listed on the LuSE, Management and Staff remain committed to serving customers and delivering value to all stakeholders.

Customers seeking further clarification may contact their nearest branch, through the Branch Manager, or contact Ackim Mwale, Media and Public Relations Manager at Head Office in Lusaka on 0211 294464, 0965 774 168 or 0977 774 169.



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